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Fiesta ST150 Front Caliper Carrier Broken - And Where to Find Them


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Hello, i need help/advice. Desperately. 
I had unfortunate meeting with the curbstone at almost full lock: broken brake disc, broken U-joint. Whatever, already fixed. 
New parts mounted on car, buuut the wheel won't spin- slightly bent carrier rubs against the disc. 
I can't find st150 carrier ANYWHERE, i have read that st170 carrier and discs work with stock Calipers, but nope, can't find st170 carriers too. 

I'm sitting here googling every possibility i could think of for 5h already...
Am i missing something? At this point i would (if it's possible) fit standard 02-08 Fiesta brakes just so i can drive to work while i'm searching for carriers or other solutions. 

Or maybe i would just fit big brake kit? These do not use stock carrier?

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Have you tried bending the carrier back?  It won't be perfect but might allow the car to be used until you can source a replacement.

Where are you located?  Would postage from UK or another country be a viable option?

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Seeing it is so difficult to find replacement i will try to bend my original one for now. 

I found decent budget Big Brake Kit dedicated to ST150 assembled by someone (300mm + ?mondeo? carrrier/caliper), i think i will go with that one.

I'm in poland so postage from UK would be fine if everything else fails. 

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Daaaaamn 250 Euro, hefty price. i'm not desperate enough yet. 
Sadly i did not find anything interesting with that number. Some russian sites and other weird things. 

47 minutes ago, MarksST said:





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5 hours ago, TomsFocus said:

There a used one on eBay UK for £40...  Not sure how much postage would be but I can't see it being more than £20?


Thank you, i didn't find that one when i searched eBay today. 
Oh i see, i didn't search hard enough. Nobody lists them with "st150" lol 

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