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Electric wing mirror


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My Fiesta 09 has a smashed up wing mirror and I’m looking to replace it, I’ve found a lot of the non auto-folding wing mirrors but none that have auto-fold without having to pay a fortune. Just wondering would it be possible to use a non auto-fold and use all the electrics and motor from my current wing mirror and put it inside the non-motorised one? Even though it’s damaged it works perfectly fine at the moment. Any help would be appreciated.

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1 hour ago, Duwsh said:

My fiesta 09 has a smashed up wing mirror ...

Assuming it's a 'door' mirror you speak of, I do know that when the motor of my 'electric' mirrors failed, I simply bought eBay replacements, and because mine were cosmetically better, my mechanic was able to strip it down and just swap out the internal motor. I watched him and it didn't look that difficult, and took about 5 to 10 minutes/mirror, though to be fair, he did know what he was doing!

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The mirror chassis on a powerfold is different.  Swapping glass, caps and adjustment motors is easy, but I'm fairly certain you can't fit the powerfold internals into a standard mirror base.  (Happy to be corrected on that though!)

How much do you consider a fortune?  I can see full mirrors on eBay for around £50.  Alternatively, if your mirror base is fine, you could buy a non-PF and swap the casing and glass onto yours, sort of the opposite of your initial idea?

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