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Been At It Again


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couldnt help it had to get under the bonnet and take the exhaust heat shield off and polish it do a few other bits and a nice chrome engine mount top

Any pics :)

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That engine bay looks like you bought the car yesterday. You must love that car more than anything. Be honest?

i just like my engine bays being clean to prove it heres the bays from my past cars youll spot the old seat diesel

post-8800-127819150923_thumb.jpg this was at 148k

post-8800-127819156502_thumb.jpg this one was 93k

as you can see i like them looking just right the seat looked like it had been through a field when i first got it and ive never lost money on any car ive owned from doing these things mk1 punto bought for£ 900 quid with 60k on it from a garage it was written off at 75k 1.5 years since i bought it i got £1375 back for it.

the cordoba was £400 bought from a mechanic mate sold that 9 months later for £800 to a mate who was travelling to dundee and back every day

the passat was £750 when i got it fixed the faulty abs and door cost me 80 quid to fix done new belt and tensioner traded 1 year later for £1300 off the cost of the focus and the old hyundai my old man gave me after the punto was hit i got for free and sold that for £600 lol

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