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Well that was a fun 2 hrs, me my daughter and my ex changed my tailgate, its on and working, needs a little tweaking to get it spot on in fit.

From A to B to C. Still some little bits to go at, but all the heavy lifting is done. Lights to tint, new tail was from a 2011, the wire retention clips were a nightmare i broke a few. Any one any easy suggestions for getting them out ?????




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1 hour ago, Jimpster said:

Welcome ???????? i have over 700 posts LOL

I have often wondered if Dezwez has a bit of software that just automatically generates a 'Hi Welcome' to any thing posted in the new members section. 🤣

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2 hours ago, TomsFocus said:

Tbf you did post this in new member introductions...  :tongue: 

ooooops, slapped wrist to me haha, its an age thing thats my story and im sticking to it


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I did actually go to the doctor the other week for a dementia, altzheimers test. I scored 29 out of 30 i got that days date wrong. It seems its due to my sleep apnea, if i dont get the hours in on Cpap my minds a seive. I'm medicated to get over quicker and i now drink decaf 24/7, which has made a massive difference.

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