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Please help

My dad has just purchased a V reg one of the above.

can someone please advise us as to : :unsure: help

its the BASE model, if I get set of front electric windows, will the wiring loom be somewhere close to the door, or even inside the door?

does the base model come with power locking but using key inside door lock? if they do than his is broken.

if no centrol locking, how easy is it to change it centre locking? again will loom be in doors????

AND THE BIGGEST question of all is what mark is it? fiesta mark 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 etc.

whats the best mid price range oil I should use? 10W40 or 5W30 etc....

Thanks guys. great site, hope it stay's here forever, as we all know the fiesta has been with us for years. :D

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hey mate ur car is a mk4 the best oil to use is 5 /30 i have a base model i have the finesse and myn has nothing on it lol i dont no anything bout the electics best thing to do is ask for themselfs i will try and find out as my uncle works there and get back to u.

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