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Fiesta Mk6 2008 1.4tdci


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Hi, My old Mk6 2008 fiesta 1.4 TDCI has for a long time been a ......r to start when its been stood for more than a day, in winter it might take 3 cycles of turning with starter before it starts, even when the weather gets warmer it can be the same, but not as bad. Had all the flexi fuel pipes ect on engine replaced, thought air might be getting in, even pumping with the primer did not help much. Now the thought I'm having, is ...I wonder if fuel is draining back to tank and it takes a while for the pump to do its job. Once running its never a problem again that day. strange?. Oh I'm going to change fuel filter next week, just to eliminate that.

Any ideas

thank you

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This does sound like the typical fuel draining overnight fault.  However, you say pumping the primer doesn't help?  That suggests it may not be an air-in-fuel fault.

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