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Abs Warning Light

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Hey dudes, I recently had my MOT done... Which it failed to my supprise. One biggy and a few minors..

The Garage said that my drivers side reer wheel bearing was rough and needed replaceing (i could hear it when driving, Was looouuuddd).. So i replaced it, got on the road and the noise was still their.. So i had to go and replace my Left one (which it turned out to be that one)..

Then all of a sudden the ABS light came on and stayed on :s - I have a friend who said replace the rear sensors and it should work, I have done that but the light is... Well still on it just wont go off, And i know it will FAIL MOT again becasue this is a major part (as its breaks)

Does just replacin the sensor work, He said something about i may need a computer to electronically turn the light off?

Any ideas?

Ta Rob

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if it were the sensors at fault fitting new one should have turned the light off, if the light is still on check for damage of the sensor rings or wiring to the sensors.the otherthing is to get the codes from the abs as it could be that the fault has nothing to do with the rear sensors at all.

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Quick update, MY dad works opposite a garage and had a quick word with them..

A while back i had the rear wheel bearings changed, Well (i bought a new drivers side hub/bearing complete) and replaced passangers side.. To do it i took it to a garage to press in/out the old/new bearing.

But the mechanic seems to think they may have put the rear wheel bearing in the wrong way??? (the garage that is)

and he seems to think this would be picked up by the abs sensor?? So mite have to buy a new bearing not too sure yet, What to ya'll think about it?

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