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How Do I Remove The Front Door Panel On My Ford Fiesta 2003

billy aldred

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Hello i would like to upgrade my speakers in my ford fiesta zetec 2003 but dont know how to get the door panel off to get to it ?? hope someone can help thanks.

Get a copy of the Haynes manual, and you will find full instructions, and the vapour seal doesn't even get disturbed. With the card off, the corner screws of the drum-shaped covers over the Speakers are revealed. Undo them, to see the Speakers, and their screws (or bolts). Just a matter of undoing those, and pulling the drivers out, disconnect the wires/plugs off the srandard speaker drivers, and they should be a direct fit onto the Ford-supplied Pioneer multi-way drivers @ £60/pair. I would use some "no-nails" fixative around the rim of the drivers, sparingly, and quickly fit the screws/bolts. Refit the door card securely to avoid buzzing or other noises.

The manual is volume number 4170, for 02 to 54 registration. There is a later volume for the Mk 6.5 inc. diesels.

The online price was dearer than my local accessories shop.

There is a sub-woofer available from Ford also, which would reduce buzzing or booming from the doors, I think it goes under the front passenger seat.

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