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My White Fiesta Zetec S- Pictures

Jason Tierney

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Rbj, how come youve quoted me? :-S

I wanted to ask the same question!!

I have changed mine to LEDs but they seem really directional. And any bulbs i find are just really weak, so waswondering where he got his bulbs

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Hey guys,sorry I havnt answered your questions :) Been in ireland will have to update thread with new pics at some point.

LED number plate lights, search for a wardenjp on eBay he has two user names, same stuff and person(il grab a link for you at some point too) takes a while to ship but all work very well, all kinds of colours, I have UV blue in my courtesy light and footwells. Looks great. Last few weeks one of the LED on the back of the car has been flickering so will have to get a new one but ive had them over 2 years and the've been in and out of two cars plenty of times.

The LEDs I went for are called 5 SMD directional ones i think. basically have one pointing out/up and four pointing around so it lights all the space up.

S badge was ebayed for about a tenner, self-adhesive peel n stick.

Think thats it.

Love my car 5200 miles since 19th April 2010


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