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Dvd Player For Headrest Sceens

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I need a keycode or instructions on how to recode a DVD player. Car is a 2007 Ford S-Max. DVD player was factory fitted & is under the front passenger seat. Screens are in headrest with infra-red headphones for viewing by rear seat passengers. The maker is Visteon. Model #DVD MB8008. There are 3 numbers on the sticker on the DVD player. (I used a torch & magnifying glass to get these with my head buried in the front footwell carpet.) Part# 6M2J19C043AB Part# VP7B0X196375AB Serial# VM80085M000638. I have used up 9 of the 10 attempts allowed. On my last go.

My story is as follows: I bought the car about 1 year old second hand form a Ford main dealer in the UK & imported it to Ireland. The car was very high-spec, loaded with extras. Unfortunately I did not get keycodes from the Ford dealer when I bought it. Earlier this year the car underwent a warranty repair with an Irish Ford main dealer & the battery was disconnected during the repair. On reconnection the garage got the keycode for the SatNav radio but not the rear headrests DVD player.Since then there have been various abortive efforts to get the right keycode. I have contacted the Irish Ford main dealer, Irish Ford Customer Service, UK Ford Customer Service, UK Ford Direct (where we believe the car originally come from) & the UK Ford main dealer where we bought the car without any resolution. I have been told that the Ford main dealer that originally sold the car should hve the keycodes on record. Unfortunately Ford Direct say the Ford Dealer Code for my car GBR02500-00 is a blanking code & doesn’t identify any dealer. This suggest that the car was never sold new by a main dealer but instead was a Ford company car or demonstrator model. I have tried radio keycode sites also. Ford Direct suggested contacting Ford Technical Services (09065-533447) to see is there a way to recode the unit. Haven't been able to get through to them.

I have invested a huge amount of time & effort in this but still no resolution. This is a very expensive extra for it not to be working.

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v codes are dealer only,i would have said that it was up to ford to eather get the code or supply a unit that works and has a code with it.don't take no for an answer.ask why the code was not supplied with the unit when you bourght the car,it's the ford dealers !Removed! up so play up like hell.

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Just been told most off the dvd systems are still using m-codes.

Just got my code today. By the guy on ebay.

Ive got the same system as you.

If you need any help email me.

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Hi can anyone give me a new like to the ebay person please? Thanks 

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