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Headlight alignment


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Right side hi beam misaligned and aimed high above the regular dipped beam, the bulb is properly seated exactly the same as on the left side. Both dipped beams are aligned correctly and are adjusted via the I'm cabin dial.

Does anybody have an idea why?

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Most cars have a separate adjustment for main beam, look on the headlamp to see how many allen key adjusters you can see.

Its normally the stupid MOT tester has tried to level the dip beam but done the wrong one first and never put the wrong one back again

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3 hours ago, Ecosport2019 said:

Most cars have a separate adjustment for main beam

My Focus doesn't but it is worth checking, yes.

I had a problem once where I hadn't seated a bulb properly and had to re-fit it, but my incorrect fitting of it had meant that the beam pointed too low!  Is there a possibility that the dipped beam was set too low and somebody has adjusted the whole of the headlight unit too high to compensate???? 

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Thank you for all your suggestions i will have a try to see if any of them prove fruitful. They are separate bulbs so it is possible they aligned the dipped beams and adjusted something else to compensate and its caused this. I will try swapping the bulbs I see if that helps.

It's definitely not right because over about 5m of distance the high beam on the right side shoots maybe a 2 foot or more above its own dipped beam in the same headlight.

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