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MK8 Front Interior Lights


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Hey all. I am new to the forum and are in need of a little help please.

My wife has just purchased a 1.0 zetec eco boost in Deep Impact Blue with the city pack, rear electric windows and appearance pack. 

We have an odd thing happening with the front interior lights. The switch is set to the middle but the two lights do not illuminate when the car is unlocked for the first time. If we relock the car and then unlock it then they come on. This seems to be the case when the car has been left for more than 30 mins otherwise they will come when unlocked as normal. All the others interior lights illuminate fine on first attempt.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Thanks, yes the switch is in the middle. 

After doing a little reading and searching it appears that the car might be doing this on purpose to protect the battery especially with the weather getting colder and doing short journeys latelty.

Appears to be a common issue.

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