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Airbag Warning Light On


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help wanted please !

i have just bought an 04 focus 1.6 lx petrol, 77000 miles serviced with history and the airbag warning light comes on, on the dash instument display.

the light flashes 4 times then there is a pause and then it flashes 2 times then repeats this cycle until the light stays on.

had a look at the connectors under the front seats and they look fine. the earth connectors in the engine bay look a bit corroded could this have any relavance?

dont fancy disconnecting the battery as i dont have the radio code yet, will have to see if i can get it from the garage that supplied the car originally.

great car apart from this so would love to get it sorted as soon as please.

thanks in advance for any and all help.. :D


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the display is actually flashing a code

42=LH Primary Crash Sensor Feed/Return Circuit Open

it could be a fault with the wiring or the sensor itself.

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all sorted now thanks.. :D

took the seats out to replace the side impact sensors...wasnt them by the way :rolleyes:

checked all the seat connectors...wasnt them either. :rolleyes:

checked the connectors to the airbags...you guesssed it.. wasnt them..

finally replaced the impact sensor under the slam panel at the front of the car... :D that did the trick....

all lights ok now..

by the way while i was getting a new sensor i decided to replace the existing main light switch with one that had a dimmer function on it..only cost me £5 so worth a try.. result.. plugged straight in and now have adjustable instrument lights. B)

found 2 sockets for a couple of capless interior bulbs as well...wired a couple of blue leds that i had spare into them and look great when the doors are open..light up underneath the footwell a treat, they go out after the door closes ( 20 secs delay) go on when the doors open and off when the interior light goes out..

one socket was behind the glove box by the fuses and the other was under the steering wheel...must be a multi purpose main wiring loom and not used on all models..

happy days.

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