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Converting A Seat

ford focus edge

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Right guys your going to love this one, the time has come for me to part with my dads office chair as it's well ... used so i was thinking rather than buying another crap chair why not conert a car seat? there stronger and more comfortable

BUT how can i do this because of the extra weight and that i know the seat i want to change to but (volvo s60 t5 leather one COUGH) i need a base so i was wondering has anyone ever done this before if so where can i get a sutible base


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nice idea, i suppose some sort of heavy duty office chair with an alloy base the same as in my old office they were really strong.

you could take a lot off the car seat to make it less heavy and adapt some frame to the bottom so it will fit on an office chair, perhaps even using the base of an old office chair as the frame.

good luck hope you do it id love to see it when your done :)

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