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Hi ~ New Here.. With Question!


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Hi there

We are new to the forum, so appologies if I have posted in the wrong place, I couldn't find a Transit section...

We have a Ford Transit Minibus (It's a 15 seater..) and on an 'S' Reg.

We haven't got a manual with it but need to find out the towing limit of the vehicle.. Does anyone have an idea what this could be?

I **THINK** we have the Non-turbo version.. Having driven a turbo car in the past.. the hills knock ours out, literally! lol..

ANY help would be most appreciated :)

(We intend on getting a 5 berth tourer caravan...) :)

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it depends on the weight of you minibus,,look for the vehicles specification plate which is usually under the bonnet or sometimes inside the cab. Normally it will show four weights.

Max.front axle weight,

Max. rear axle weight,

max total vehicle weight.

maximum total vehicle and trailer combined weight.

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It's the maximum total vehicle and trailer combined weight your looking for. Find out how much the caravan weighs and find the weight of the transit, then add them together and if they're below the limit good, if not... You can't tow it!

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