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Sony Ericsson X10 Mini/mini Pro


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As stated above does anyone have the Sony Ericsson X10 Mini/Mini Pro and also the MK7 fiesta bluetooth. I currently have a Nokia 5800 but as seen as it has started to do some random things like switching it self off and the screen seems to be failing I think it is time change.

I have seen the X10 Mini Pro and would be interested in this phone but as it is so new it has yet to be tested by Ford and added to the connectivity chart.

I have no interest in playing music from the phone just making and receiving phone calls.

If anyone has one can you please tell me how well this phone works with bluetooth stereo.


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Cheers stevie j, I have only just seen the vivaz on the list after switching to Firefox to see the whole list. Can't believe a company like Ford can't make their website compatible with all browsers.

Will go see what the best deal I can get is now.


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Hello, we have the xperia X10.

we have some problem with the connection setup.

If we allow the fiesta to start the connection, it only stay for a while.

So we are obliged to manage the connection from the xperia each time we enter the car.


This has been reported to sony ericson, not réaction at this time...

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