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Hill Engine Malfunction


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I am a new member and please help me with some advice. 


 I am the owner of a Ford S-Max 2.0 Automatic, 2012 , 76.000 Km, I had problems with the gearbox 1 month ago and I repaired it.  

When opening it, the springs and plastic inside + 2 defective valves were found and they were replaced.  

After only 400miles of driving with it, I felt the idle speed and the message Hill launch assist not available.  


The next day when I wanted to start it I found the message again but with the spark plug symbol (Springs) and the engine wouldn't start. As if I didn't have enough battery. After 4 attempts, however, it worked with the message and the Engine Malfuntion (Yellow) + DTC (Yellow) light and the rpm was running at 1200-1500 maximum. After a period of break, I tried to leave the place, but the problem reappeared together with the message Transmission Malfunction after I tried to put it in Manual (Sport). This morning I went to the service garage here near the house and found the following errors. (Attached below).  


After clearing all errors the P0700 remains permanently. 

Back home Engine Malfunction appeared again and the power was very low and the car was jerky.

Please help me 🙏

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