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Asking for help.


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We are a friendly bunch here, occasionally opinionated, caustic, pithy and sarcastic but we rarely squabble like cats.

There is nothing we like better than helping to mend Fords. We do it for nothing but we can't do it with nothing.

Help us to help you. Model, year and engine are a minimum. We cannot help without knowing that. A 1977 Fiesta has different everything to your 2020 Fiesta. 

If we need to know something more, please oblige us with an answer. There are some real masterminds on here, many of whom know much more than the local garage or even franchised Ford dealer. We are asking for a good reason in order to rule out what it can not be so that you save time and money with accurate information.

If your car can use Forscan, the free versions can read your car without giving you the power to break anything. The dongle you need works with a phone or laptop and even if you cannot decipher what it is telling you, it is often useful to us. It will not tell you what is wrong but it tells you where to look.

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2 hours ago, Jimpster said:

i dont think forscan will work on a pre 60 model T LOL but sage words


That is what divining rods are for.

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