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Rear Centre High-Mounted Brake Light


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Just Like to Say,

Many Thanks..!! To All the Members of this Forum..

Must admit I'm More of a Reader than a poster but this forum has Provided Me with So Many Tips, Tricks & Instructions

to Change/Mod and Improve the Look of My 09 3Dr 1.4 Zetec Panther Black Mk7 Fiesta. In fact so many changes it would be hard

to List.. But I will Try.. (from front to back)..

- Private Reg on Cleaner Looking plates (no screws, web address EU badge etc) www.demonplates.com

- Black & Silver Ford Badges front & rear (wheels & steering wheel) www.dmb.uk.com

- Detango'd all indicator bulbs (front, back & wing mirrors)

- Headlight bulbs Main & Dipped changed to Osram Night Breakers & sidelights white Led

- Led driving lights fitted under Headlight controlled by Remote Control Unit www.oznium.com

- Silver aluminium Tax Disc holder

- Alloy Pedals

- Door Sill/Scuff Plates

- Interior & Footwell lights changed to Red Leds

- ESP/Traction Control On/Off Button Installed

- Secret Compartment/Flap Opened & Made Usable

- Sunglass Holder Installed into Roof Lining

- Anti Slap mats cut to size for cupholders & tray around handbrake etc

- Illuminated Gearknob

- 'Ford' Black & Silver Leather Seatbelt Pads

- Silver/Chrome Small Beesting Aerial fitted to Roof

- Richbrook Spinning Anti-Theft Silver Valve Caps

- Silver Valve Stems

- Painted Black Rear Brake Drums

- De Badged Fiesta & Zetec from Boot Lid

- Rear Reg bulbs changed to White Leds

- Rear Mud Flaps

Think Thats about it..?!

& It's All Thanks To You Guys posting great instructions & questions.!!

p.s Sorry I can't post recent photo's as I have lent my camera to a friend.

But I Do Have & Question...?

Would Anyone know if I could change my Rear Centre High-Mounted Brake Light to one that is Clear Looking,

but obviously Shines Red when the Brakes are Used..? (& you cannot see red bulbs within the light unit)

Just a thought & I think Would Look Great on all those Frozen White Babies Out There.. Love My Car & Just want it to Look

Like I Want it To.

Once Again Many Thanks.!

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Hi Jamie,

Yes, I did mean clear with red bulbs. So the rear high level brake light would look clear/transparent (Without seeing the the red bulbs behind the lens) when not being used

& then shine red with the Brakes pressed. I have seen them in different colours on some Peugoet's (..Spit on the Floor..). No Offense Anyone.!

Just wondered if you could buy them for the Mk7 Fiesta.?


Many Thanks

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