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Mk6 1.4tdci fiesta issues

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Evening All.

My cousin has a 2006 1.4tdci fiesta, which was running fine until a month or so ago. Engine management light came on and was running like a bag of *****. Plugged in ForScan and EGR Valve fault. Removed, cleaned and refitted, OK for a few miles and then same again, so new EGR valve fitted. Also changed Brake Booster vacuum pipe and it developeeld a hole from rubbing against wiring loom. 

Now when driving it lacks turbo boost. Ticks over fine, but no power when driving. 

No fault codes showing.

Any ideas?

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As you've mentioned the brake booster pipe, I'd be looking at the wastegate vacuum pipe & solenoid.

Odd there aren't any codes though, have you tried Forscan or just a generic OBD?

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