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Ford Fiesta 2007 Sony Bad Aux Bluetooth Soud

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I had a factory fitted single cd 6000 unit in my Fiesta. The cd never worked but I was able to play Spotify through an Aux bluetooth Reciever, and although the volume level dropped a bit it was still okay quality and very listenable. I did miss playiing some of my cds and decided to upgrade to a Sony single cd unit from a fiesta of the same year. After Fitting the Sony unti the CD and radio quality was fantastic better than  the 6000 unit, however the bluetooth Reciever quality is very bad it not just a bit quiet but a lot quiet and if i turn it up like I did with the 6000 unit it just becomes so Tinny/Grainy and quiet frankly not listenable.

I have tried alterting all the settings on the unit itself and  the iPhone and even tried using a aux cable and different device but the same low quality output still occurs. I have read it might be my Speakers cant cope with the sony quality unit but surely the radio and Cd would have a similar issue. Someone advised a headphone amp may solve the problem but im not sure. I really dont want to put the old unit back in as the whole point was to upgrade. Does anyone have any advice  or help ???????



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