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Fiesta MK7 stuck in first gear

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The car in question is 2009 Fiesta 1.4 Titanium with around 105k mikes. Over last few weeks the car started getting stuck in first gear and will not release without significant effort. The issue is intermittent and I’ve not noticed any pattern to it. Only seems to get stuck in first gear and the cars slows to a complete stop when clutch is engaged. If I succeed in releasing gear shifter while car is moving it starts grinding but appears to be dependent on speed of car rather than engine. The shifter is still stuck after engine is turned off and if I manage to pull it out I need to apply force to move it to the right and then it releases. Will drive perfectly fine after this until it gets stuck again
When not stuck in 1st gear every gear engages fine. The clutch biting point is at around the middle of the pedal travel. The car had gearbox oil replaced around a year ago.

At the first glance the linkage appears to be fine. it’s not loose or sloppy when changing gears

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