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It's Arrived!

Al J

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Well, a phone call from my dealers on Monday saw me driving up the next day to pick up my new 1.4 Fiesta Zetec :)

I'd ordered it on June 3rd and picked it up on August 3rd.

First impressions are:

1. It's beautiful :P

2. It handles very well. Very little body roll on the tighter curves of North Wales roads and allows precise positioning. Compared to my 1.3 Toyota Yaris, it's a lot less work and although the specs are similar on paper, it's a totally different animal to drive with far less understeer.

3. The 16" seven spoke alloys, with their 6.5" wide tyres, make cornering very positive and I'm pleased with the look they give the car.

4. The gadgets are great fun, although I may have to read the manual for once! Love the voice activation. My BlackBerry Storm paired effortlessly via bluetooth and the car's microphone/speakers make calls very easy.

5. Playing music off my phone via bluetooth is also a breeze. I've yet to tackle playing music from my iPod or USB memory stick.

6. Petrol consumption was a little worrying to begin with but is currently at a healthy 46mpg.

7. The parking sensors work fine and can make some interesting tunes when parking in a confined space :D

8. It's going to take quite a while before I get my head around all the features and controls. I'm still washing the rear window more than operating the windscreen wipers when it rains! :lol:







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Nice Fiesta Al J!

I know what you mean about all the controls / gadgets.... I went from a 1998 Fiesta Zetec to a 2010 model & it was like sitting in a space ship in the new one & I still can't get the hang of having electric windows!

Enjoy your new wheels...

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Thanks for the replies everyone :)

Nice car i would have to take the dealers name of the boot lid tho why they put it there i don't know.

Normally, I'd agree and always remove dealer stickers shortly after getting a new car. In this case, it's a little different though. Gwyndaf Evans is a rally driver with an impressive past and was something of a hero of mine, so it's staying :D

He's a top bloke too and we spent some time discussing the way the car drives. I imagine he could get a lot more out of the car than I ever will! The family is still involved in rallying and while I was there, I was shown a Fiesta being prepared to rally spec.

Gwyndaf Evans

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