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P1500 and P0137 Easy to fix?


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Hi All, 

Got P1500 and P0137 fault codes, I know the P0137 is O2 Sensor and wont be too hard but the P1500 I'm not 100% sure on, I think its the crankshaft sensor but could be camshaft?

Went to a garage but their quote was way out of my price range so want to see if I can do it myself.

Its not had any problems as of yet its just the engine light that's come on.

ABS Light hasn't come on.

Its an 05 1.4 Zetec

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17 minutes ago, LostNTransit said:

According to a code site, the P1500 is related to a speed sensor. 

That's what I thought, mechanic said cam/crankshaft sensor. Mind you he also mentioned gearbox sensor ? I guess he means the VSS then?

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