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Battery tray vs battery size


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Hi folks,

Does anyone have any input on the battery tray size vs the battery size on a 2012 1.4 Titanium Auto. The existing battery was 204mm in length and fairly low capacity. It needed replacing because it never reached more than 13.6 volts when charging and 10 volts when cranking!

Motor factors all carry 204 mm length and 243 mm length but none could be specific as to the correct one for me. The tray is definitely 243 mm long, but... after removing the old battery there is a moulding on the rear panel (the one with the ECU attached) that protrudes into the base of the battery area, however, it isn't 39mm long (i.e. doesn't seem to account for a battery length of 204 mm), but means that the bigger one doesn't sit flat and it's almost impossible to use the existing battery clamp. Someone suggested there might be a removable spacer to hold a smaller battery in place, but this isn't the case.


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Thanks very much for this unofix.

Yes, unless I'm mistaken:

Page 14 - Fiesta (08) - 1.4 & 1.6 Petrol - 08 - >> - 550075051 - T5 - 50

Page 7 - 550075051 - T5 - 50 - 242, 175, 175

So while being (apparently) 1 mm longer than OEM at 243 mm, it is the correct size. Strange.

For anyone else interested, I'll take the battery out again tomorrow and take a photo of the offending bit of plastic (and make double sure it can't be removed!)


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Pic 1: Offending item - is this a moulding that only allows OEM batteries?

Pic 2: Item deleted.

Pic 3: Plus corners of rear panel needed re-shaping.

Pic 4: Job done.





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