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Android Auto voice volume

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I've got two Fiestas, a 2020 and a 2019 model. Both have an issue whereby the volume on the navigation when connected to Android Auto reverts back to the same level after I reduce it. I've seen some tips about reducing the media volume level on your phone before connecting, but when I connect to AA(!) it goes to 100% on the phone, and no amount of changing it on the phone will make it stay any lower. Phones are pixel 6 and 6a, and the 2020 car is on Sync 3 version 3.4 (not the latest) and the 2019 is on Sync version 3.0. They're both set to auto update and both have a good wifi signal but refuse to see any updates (the Ford support site tells me there is and I've got the updates downloaded but not applied yet).


To be clear, I'm turning the volume of the alert down when it speaks, and then next time it speaks it's reverted back to the previous level. Surely (don't call me Shirley) we're not expected to change the volume on every navigation prompt?


cheers for any ideas,



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WiFi updates don’t work on Sync 3.0 Ford gave up on the idea after sending out an update  enabling Apple CarPlay and shouting to the media about it. 

WiFi updates do work on Sync 3.4 but quite often you’ll find an update offered in the owners online portal and yet when the Sync Head Unit checks for an update it is told it’s up to date. 

As a trouble shooting exercise I’d recommend you purchase a 64Gb USB Drive and format to ExFat. Then update each Sync to the latest firmware. Then hopefully you’re in a better place. 64Gb gives you room to update the maps at some point.

With my iPhone as soon as it connects to my Fiesta the volume is adjusted to max. The same with my BMW.

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OK, just updated the 2018 Fiesta using the USB method and it's just gone to a slightly newer 3.0 rather than 3.4. And now the Ford site is showing an error when I check for updates for it (I did upload the xml log file). Is this normal?

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Sync 3.0 is a different software branch to 3.4. You won’t get an official update from Ford beyond bug fixes to 3.0. 

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