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Advice needed - KA

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I had to have a reconditioned gearbox fitted to my Ford Ka - 1.2 Zetec (Start Stop) 3d 2013/63, after only 32k miles.

15 minutes into the drive back & two minutes from home three amber warning lights came on the dashboard & a warning sound was made. The lights were the service Engine Soon warning light, Auto Start/Stop warning light & the Engine oil pressure sensor failure light.

Please advise me of what this could be & the best course of action?
I've just spent a lot of money & I'm very worried.


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36 minutes ago, Sarah H said:

Service Engine

Does not actually mean 'service Engine' what it really means is 'Engine broken take to garage asap'

With out proper Ford diagnostic trouble codes (DTC's) it would be pure guesses in the dark as to whats wrong. Personally if this has just come from a garage for having the gearbox replaced I'd be turning round and going straight back.

If you have an oil pressure warning light on, Don't start the engine and don't drive it !!!

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Sounds like they've left some connections off when refitting the gearbox.

As unofix says, take it straight back

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Thank you for all your advice.

I've been back to the garage. They had not attached an earth cable correctly to the new gearbox.

Everything seems to be okay now thankfully.

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