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Ford Protect extended warranty issues - Mk8 Fiesta ST


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My car went to a Lookers Ford dealership 1 week ago (16th March) to have a new steering column fitted as there was a knocking sound coming from the wheel - I was told the work would be completed the same day and ready for collection in the afternoon. 

I got a call in the afternoon saying the new column was fitted, however a NEW problem had occurred since fitting - the dashboard was now showing a steering fault light. The dealer said they couldn’t diagnose what was causing it and asked to keep it overnight. I agreed and the next day the same story, they couldn’t get rid of the warning light. 

It has now been a week since the car was left at the dealer, and I have had daily phone calls saying there is “no further progress” in solving the steering warning light problem. The dealer is slowly waiting on Ford themselves to internally escalate this to someone who could help, but the process is taking an unreasonable amount of time in my opinion now. 

I have NOT been provided with either a hire or courtesy car by the dealership, as they say there are non available at current. My Ford Protect extended warranty states that they should provide a hire car for me (attached a screenshot of that section stating this) but they are arguing as the car only went in for an initial “4 hour job” which was the new steering column, I am not eligible for a hire car - regardless of it now being away for a week and the problem being different to what was first “scheduled”. 

Has anyone had a similar experience, or has any advice how I can escalate this further? It is extremely inconvenient to be left without a car at all. At what point does it become an unreasonable amount of time for them to continue trying to repair the car to no success? 




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That doesn’t say they’ll give you a vehicle. Just that you can claim £60 towards the cost of hiring one. Usually dealers book job requiring a courtesy car differently to make sure the car is available and that’s provided by them not the warranty. 

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Good luck, it's down to the dealer.

You could try to invoice them, after the event, for loss of earnings due to wrongful diagnosis.

But this is Ford.

Good luck

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As said, the warranty does not provide a courtesy car. It gives the policy holder £60 towards the hire of a car for seven days. That is provided the dealer / Ford authorise the hire car, which they haven't.

The issue may take a while to fix if it is not a common problem.

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