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S-Max 2017 Passenger Compartment Fuses - Switched Circuits

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HI S-Max Club,

I am trying to install a hardwired nextbase dashcam in my 2017 S-Max, but the obvious circuits that I would expect to be powered down after locking the vehicle (or say 10-20 mins later) stay continuously powered.

I have tried Circuit 2 (Memory Seats, lumbar, power mirror), Circuit 5 (Ignition Switch), Circuit 33 (Radio) - see image below for passenger fusebox and list (Although from a LHD source - no RHD sources available)

Unfortunately, I can't use circuits 6-15 or 17-22 as these use a dual fuse that is not supported by the supplied nextbase fuse adapters.

Does anyone know which circuits power down when the vehicle is switched off or locked?

I assume circuits 5, 10, 16 & 17 (various power outlets/cigar lighters) that are in the engine bay fusebox power down, but this is a far more complex routing and thus I would like to avoid this.

Thank you for your help.





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When checking to see which fuses turn off with the ignition have you still got the keyfob in the car with you ?

If the vehicle can detect the keyfob, then many circuits will remain live.

I would use fuse 36 for the Auto-dimming rear mirror, etc.

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Hi unofix,

I didn't have the fob with me (in fact in metal tin in the house) so don't know if this affects whether some circuits stay live in its presence, but will remember for other times.

Anyway, I have just put it into 36 this morning and instant validation.  That is it.  Perfect.  It didn't power on when I swapped it and came on went off with the push start button.


Thanks for your help.


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