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Unexplained Bumping,or Vibration


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Hi I have a 04 Fiesta 1.4 TDCI Ghia,between 40 mph and 46 mph,i notice an unexplained bumping of vibration through the front end of the car,(very,very annoying) but if i accelerate on to 50 mph this mysterious bumping or vibration disappears,(very very strange) more so as i have had the 4 wheels balanced and all the tyres are the same manufacture and are kept at the right pressure,I have asked myself many times...could it be a slightly distorted drive shaft,could the car have had a unrecorded bump and put the front end out of true???? could it be a wheel bearing??i am at a loss,anyone out there might have an idea what it might be.

Many thanks creganglia.

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