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2007 fiesta strange climate operation


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I have a 2007 ford fiesta with a 1.25 petrol engine with digital climate control.
I had an accident with it 4-5 years ago. Only the front was a little broken. Then the car was without power for weeks. (I don't know, this could be a problem)
and since then the air conditioning has not been working as it should.
We used to travel with the air conditioner set to 24 degrees.
Now 22 degrees (he only switches on the compressor as if it is cold enough in the cabin) is not enough, and in the LO position with the fan set to maximum (with the compressor constantly running) it blows ice cold. 
There are no leaks in the system and the charging is fine, I would rule these out.
I'd rather bet that some kind of temperature sensor isn't on top of the situation.
I looked at the cabin thermometer and the two sensors after the evaporator, they seem to be fine (compared with similar parts of our focus, it gives similar resistance values to temperature changes).
I also checked the sunload sensor with a multimeter and it also clearly reacts to sunlight. I still have the ambient temperature sensor, which seems to work properly, but I'm not sure. 
I'm planning to buy an odb reader, maybe I'll find something. I already did a test https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oKS8dSjpKE&ab_channel=mr-fix on the climate control panel, but it found no fault. 
Does anyone have an idea what else I should look at?
It would be great if it worked like it did when it was new.
Now it's like a manual air conditioner, if I set it to colder, it blows colder. It's like he doesn't care about the surrounding temperatures.
Sorry, my English is not good. I am writing from Hungary.
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The outside temperature sensor is located on the front crash bar.  Either the sensor or the wiring can easily get damaged in a front end impact.  Does the outside temp show correctly on the dashboard?

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My dashboard does not show the outside temperature.  I think the hidden menu https://youtu.be/JU_fC06vvhw on the dashboard must show it somewhere, but I don't know which value it is.  I checked the sensor under the front bumper and it looks good.  By default, it receives 10.8 volts and its resistance changes with temperature changes. Like here: https://youtu.be/CAe_hUF7AeY

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Problem solved.
The windshield on the car was replaced a few years ago. They didn't put a seal under the cowl top grill and warm air could enter directly from the engine compartment into the cabin.

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