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Fiesta's Mine!!


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Or it will be as soon as our Rover 216 SLi gets through it's MOT!! Not legally though, as you have to be 17 to register the V5C :(.

But technically, she will be mine! She had her last journey a week or so ago and now she's just gonna sit in the drive way. Thing is, she's SORN so we can't drive her every few weeks to stop the brakes seizing. Would pressing the foot brake, then putting the hand brake off and on a few times stop the drums from seizing ?

Hopefully it will, cos that's the only thing we can do.

Another question. The cam belt is overdue a change (Ford said to change at 75,000 miles or 10-11 years... It's under 75,000 miles but 13 years old), so will it be fine to start it up every few weeks during the next 2 years to top the battery up and let the oil circulate. Or is it very likely to snap ? All it would be doing is idling for 5 minutes.

Bye Guys!!

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I dont want to be held responsible for this but i think youll be alright tbh. Tbf it is a guidline that they suggest you have it done. It doesnt just get to 11years old and falls off but it will start to perish

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I thought so too. I've had a look at the belt and although people say you can't tell if a belt is going to snap by looking at it, on the Rover 216 (it's 15,000 miles overdue a change) you can see it needs changed!! And the Fiesta's looks NEW! Even though it's obviously not. The car had one lady owner from new before we bought it in 2008, so it probably was never abused or reved over 3,000rpm.

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Whether it looks good or not it is the only thing stopping the Piston Crowns shaking hands and kissing each other.

The Cambelt on my mums 1983 2.0 8v Sierra went at 90k miles It was not an interferance engine so no damage was done but the zetecs will smack everything together.

As you are only starting it up that should be fine as suggested but as soon as you start driving it around get it changed.


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