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Ford 6000Cd


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the 6000CD i have in my 56 1.8TDCi, has sometimes terrible radio reception. I have removed the unit, and checked the arial connection, which seemed fine, and the Arial connector in the roof appears fine. Anyone have any ideas why the radio reception is very poor in some areas with this unit. Only noticed when I had a courtosy fiesta, that the reception was far better. Also it is possible to fir the newer facia, and curvy sony unit, into a pre 2007 facelifted model?, and is this unit better, then the older 6000CD. Also noticed i had the connectors already fitted for the AUX, but no connector. There are wires (Brown/Yellow and Black/White) coming from the lower socket, but had the glovebox out, and cannot find the AUX connector point. There is a RED connections taped up, but with more wires going to it, and I am assuming its for the Airbag switch, that I also dont have....

Anyone help?

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hey bud, thought id post a reply as ive been messing with the stereo unit all day in my 1.8 tdci. I have the sony version, not sure if you have. If you have an aux port it will be on the top of the glove box (its round and white with "IN" written on it) just to the left of where the glove box door latch is ;)

when reading the manual earlier i noticed something about poor reception when leaving "your local area" cant remember what it was though sorry, perhapse refer to that? :blink:

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