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Radio Fitting In A Mk6 (Double Din)

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I have a Ford Fiesta MK6 which had a dodgy CD player in at the moment (it doesn't work in cold weather!). I wanted to get a new CD player so I stupidly took it to Halfords as I didn't want the hassle of fitting it myself. So, they had a look, the guy said he had never seen this particular type before and didn't have the parts, (although he did say we could order them in, but how could he know what parts to order if he's never seen one like mine before!!).

Anyway after taking it out, Halfords put it back in which triggered the lock on the radio, now I have no working radio (thanks Halfords) and I've also discovered that if the serial number begins with "V", it is only unlock-able by Ford, not happy :-(

Here are some pics

Front of radio:


Behind radio:


Connectors behind current radio:


So my question is, what parts do I need to fit a new single DIN radio?

(e.g. cables, fascia, model numbers for these parts so I can buy online)

Thanks in advance


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That is the standard Fiesta radio, so I think the guy in Halfords is either taking the biscuit or really dosent have much experience in his job :lol:

I don't have that much knowledge on the stereos, but I believe you will have to buy a "cage" that will support the single din radio that will leave you with a storage bit either below or above the radio.

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Hi there bosh

I can help you here as I recently removed my double din sat nav from my 6.5 and when I installed it months ago it gave me so much sh*t.

First if you want a single din stereo then you will need to buy even more parts as mine was double but il try and explain.

You need

A cage, facia adapter and fittings, look on eBay usually the whole set costs around £40.

A iso adapter, the one in the link above is correct unless you have steering wheel controls, however I do have one for sale that was only used like twice before realising I needed a newer one with steering wheel controls.

You will also need to modify your car slightly, the way I don't it was attach a metal plate to the screw at the bottom of the stereo compartment which then held the cage in, however that was a double din so as for a single I'm not 100% sure but I'm sure if you buy the kit specific to the fiesta something will come in the box of tricks.

You will also need an aerial adapter, eBay that its much cheaper then halfrauds it's an iso to ford oem one although Many companies use them.

As I said i have a steering wheel control and non steering wheel control wiring harness if you want it il Sell it very cheap as just want the stuff out my way. I will say though the steering wheel one depends on the stereo, tell me if you have steering controls and il tell you if it will work.

Hope that helps, if you have any questions just ask, although I wont reply until this evening as i have a database exam and uni.

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I have a Ford Fietsa MK6 07 plate with the original system, 1 piece set not the 3 piece so its practically easy to take out with the four keys, but will a 7" Double Din DVD/Cd player fit perfectly? and if so any body who has put a double din inside their fiesta in your experience did you have to buy any more parts apart from the system to put it in?

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Ive been looking into a double din for a few weeks now, liking the idea of one with dvd, sat nav etc. Will all this work off the iso adaptor? Or do i need yet more wires?

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