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Desperately need help - electrical fault


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hi all

long story short i had to replace BCM connectors due to damage.

BCM is the same, unchanged.

I have wired all connectors one by one using various wiring diagrams, and have checked each plug 4 or 5 times meticulously....


nothing works.

the main power wires, red and yellow: red shows 15v (battery charging), yellow shows 2.3v ... key on, stays the same??

no radio, no instrument cluster, no locking, no windows... nothing.

KEY ON: front wipers come on, and wont turn off til key off.

can anyone tell me if the voltage on the red/yellow power wires sounds right.

i did touch the yellow to ground accidentally and it caused a spark, apparently it has its own fuse but i can't get to the bugger... would it show 2.3v with blown fuse?

any and all help appreciated. spent 3 days so far no luck. ive gone crazy

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Fuse has blown for the yellow wire. The voltage should be the same as the red wire.

The 2.3V is just a ghost voltage, no power actually there, it's just the very high impedance of a digital meter means it 'senses' some voltage that is being induced in to the wire as it runs through the harness with other wires that are carrying power.

Check fuse F17 and F18 in the engine bay fusebox.

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