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"Hill Start Assist not available" warning (occasionally)


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Apologies for long post but I might as well give you all the info that I have now....

Over the last couple of months the "HSA not available" warning has been coming on occasionally, usually once I have come to a halt at a junction, not necessarily on a hill. It's getting more frequent.

I've owned the car for 7 years and it's only just started doing it. I suspect low battery voltage, although when I needed a new battery 3 years ago I never had the HSA warning appear. 

Batt readings with a multimeter:-

when engine just turned off 12.08V

when engine off for 20 minutes 12.30V

Voltage across battery terminals when being charged by alternator 14.1 V (fluctuates 14.0 - 14.2) with all elect loads off, 14.0 V (fluctuates 13.9 - 14.1) with fan and headlights on.  I have never had to resort to charging the battery with a charger.

I would have thought these readings were OK but are they a sign of an imminent electrical problem?

Or is it just a sign of old age and I'll just live with it ??? (much like my own ailments!). 

Any advice appreciated.


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There is at least a 90% chance it's a simple case that the batteries health is failing. The voltage of 12.08V is very poor and even once the car has started to enter sleep mode a voltage of 12.30V is still only 70%

Your car uses a Smart charge system and as such charging voltages between 13.6V and 14.9V are quite normal and will constantly change.

Time to open the wallet and dig deep, looks like you need a new battery.

Ford - Battery SOC.JPG

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