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Can an intake manifold cause DTC for MAF sensor problem?


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Hi, I have been trying to get my 1.4 TDCI running properly for some time now, changed injector seals, egr changed, all the glow plugs were bad, new MAF sensor, new intake manifold.

When I put the new intake manifold on it started giving a MAF sensor DTC whenever I tried to accelerate, the cog icon and and EWL both came on and went into limp mode.

Today i put the old intake manifold back on and no problems with error codes, can rev through the range no problem when it would bork at around 2.5k before with the new intake on.

I still feel like it will throw an error at any momemt but driven it hard for a couple of short journeys now.

Why would this be?

I was considering going down the road of taking the injectors out and doing some diagnosis on them once I get my other car back on the road.

When I monitored the cylinders through Forscan I get values of 0.9.. 1.0 1.0 0.9 and have read up that they should be 1.45 or above?

To me if they are all about the same things are ok but that could be wrong and maybe there is a problem in all cylinders?

Car runs better than it has done in ages and can live with it now if it holds but will do more work once my other car gets back on the road if it seems the Forscan readings indicate an issue.



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