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Fiesta ecoboost overboost error

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Hi guys 

My son has a ford fiesta 1.0 ecoboost and it has an issue with the p0234-22  it suggests to change the turbo solenoid does anyone know if this is an individual part that can be replaced as I am aware there are few parts which can be changed on the turbo otherwise its a complete swap put of the turbo..Will it also be worth checking the diaphragm and wastegate as I have read these appear to stick or deteriorate.

What would your best  guess be on repair for this type of error.

The car is a 2016 model, I am also wondering if the previous owner may have tried to override something to try to improve the turbo in someway..

It's his first car so trying to find a solution that hopefully is affordable.

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The turbo solenoid is a separate part from the turbo itself. If necessary it can easily be replaced with a new or used item.

The solenoid itself can be checked for correct operation. There is a lot of info online, including on YouTube, or a garage should be able to quickly check for you.

As you mention there are other possibilities but provided it's not a problem with the turbo itself it should be fairly easy and relatively inexpensive to sort out.

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Looks like this. Check that the tubes attached to it aren't split for an initial quick check.


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