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Convert LHD Fiesta for the UK

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I'm hoping somebody can help me here

I have a 2017 Fiesta 1.0 Eco Boost I brought in Spain but have now moved back to the UK and need to put it on UK plates.

1. Can I just swap the clocks out for a set with mph on them

2. I'm assuming I need to replace the headlights as I can't see a way of adjusting them, I am correct in thinking this 

Thanks in advance for any help here

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Can't just swap the clocks as they're coded to the car.  You can pay someone to code them in and correct the mileage though.

Regarding the headlights, yes you'll need to swap those for a RHD set.

I think you'll also need to replace the rear fog light with a RHD version.

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I hate it when people tell you what they think you should have done! - but -

Is there anyway you can get the car back to Spain and sell it there and buy a UK car here? - because -

The cost of replacement headlamps, coding etc. will be very high - it will have to be done to pass the UK MOT 

You will possibly have difficulty insuring a LHD car in the UK; at the very least it will probably cost more than a UK car and the insurers will insist that it's been correctly modified.

Depending on its age your car will eventually be virtually unsaleable at a dealer or privately

And most important the problems of driving a LHD car on the UK's crowded and semi wrecked roads!


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