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Fiesta Zetec - Rear bumper out of place

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Hi there folks, noticed this on the car this morning. Not sure how it's happened - no collisions or the like though my road to work does have more than its fair share of bumps. What sort of a repair job is needed and is there anything else to look out for? Happy to provide more pictures and information as needed. 




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You're right. I did give it a little nudge earlier but the clip wanted to go the wrong way to fit back in. Should have seen it, but I guess we can chalk that up to critical thinking skills not being engaged full in the early morning. In any case, thanks for the help.

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One side of our bumper was like that, after looking around the car I spotted a slight mark on the grey rear insert and a mark near the fog lamp, a car must have touched us in our local supermarket carpark, was livid but the corner popped back in and the marks was t-cutted out.


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