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Paint colour scuffed alloy 🙈


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Hi guys wondering if anyone can help i scuffed my wheel and im looking for the correct paint code fiesta 8.5 stline x 18 inch wheels thanks guys

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What color are the wheels painted? Ford doesn’t list any refinishing color codes for wheels. 
I have found two very good matches for the Rado grey basecoat. 
Gloss black is simply black basecoat and clear.

After I successfully repaired the scrape on my stock 17 inch wheel, I decided to paint my15X7.5 Rota Slipstream wheels the Rado grey shade. It’s been almost two years since I did the work and it is holding up very well.






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This is the Kia “satin metal” basecoat that is very, very close to the perfect color match.

I was able to get a great blended repair on the factory color Rado grey just by employing normal surface preparation and siphon type spray equipment with the clear eurathane clearcoat for gloss and blend.

the only reason I don’t call it a absolutely perfect match is that the Kia basecoat has a very slightly finer metallic flake in the mix as opposed to the slightly courser metallic flake in the factory color. Unless you know where the exact area of repair was done, you wouldn’t be able to identify the repair area! 



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