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Titanium 1.6 Tdci Ownership After 1 Week


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Thought I'd do a post on my new motor. I'd run a 07 Zetec-S 1.6 TDCI from new and @40K miles. I'd never really gelled with it, it was rorty sporty and me distinctly approaching middle age really wanted something built for comfort not speed.

I'd bought the previous two cars new but think manufacturers got greedy sticking £1000+ on to absorb the VAT cut and then another £1000+ to absorb their scrappage contribution, meaning that 'supermini' list prices are £15,000+. Jeez I might be middle aged but I can remember nice terraced houses being less than £5,000.

Anyhow after looking around on 'tinternet found a 5,000 mile 59 reg Titanium 1.6 tdci 3dr in Morello about @12 miles away. Most Diesels being 1.4s and most 1.6s that you can find are stripped out Eco models. Went and had a look and did the deal.

Initial impression were that the Titty felt more like the wifes previous Focus Ghia and current MK6 Golf TDI, big, solid, quiet and smooth compared to the previous ZS which was like being dragged down the road in a tin bath. The steering did feel overly light and couldn't really see any corner of the car.

Although reasonable kitted out it still has some silly omissions for a top of range motor , no sun glass holder, fixed height seat belts, and Mrs wouldn't buy one as no light in sunvisor mirrors for when she’s applying her slap in car before work.

The story the dealer told me why they had a 9 months old car was that an OAP couple bought it and then decided they needed 5 doors not 3. The car is fitted with front and rear parking sensors so sort fits with that story. Only an OAP would spend £300 on parking sensor option instead of USB/Bluetooth, thats the only thing I do wish it had.

There are a few tiny tiny marks on the paint when you look really really hard and it’s been machine mopped/polished so in bright sunlight looks like a chimp as attacked it with an angle grinder. Being only months old and 5k mile prob only needed a wash and a simple had polish. Otherwise it really is indistinguishable from a new car complete with new car smell etc.

So far it’s doing @58mpg about 4 or 5 more than the ZS but I think that’s because I'm driving it like a new car at the moment.

Hopefully some pics;




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Nice car, I also like Morello (wouldn't have it personally, but can see the appeal). How are you finding the engine in the mk7 compared to your previous car? Also, did you test drive the new VW Polo at all? My sister has one and I noticed that it has all of the things that you said were missing from the mk7 and the fit and finish is superb. Saying that, they're fairly expensive to buy, not as well equipped generally as the mk7 and a bit dull to look at.

Hope you enjoy the new car, it's so much better than the mk6, worlds apart in my opinion.

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I thought I got a good £ deal, roughly car supermarket price from a Ford main stealer.

I like the colour too except when a mate called it 'brown'

Ah.. VW… I should be a shoo-in for VW. Both myself and brother ran VW Jettas, Golfs and Passats from late 1980s to mid 2000s. I still have VW weekend play things but the worst car I have ever owned was a ’97 Diesel Polo. Bought less than 2 years old and kept up FVWSH and it failed all 3 MOTs I had had done and a host of problems concluding with an exploding gearbox just as I traded it in. VW ownership is like religion, you have to believe in it to make it work.

I stopped believing after playing premium prices for a below average product. All the customer satisfaction surveys have VW mid table, they are living on past glories from 60’s Beetles and 70/80s Golfs.

Looking at prices people actually pay (not list) polos are still a grand or two more expensive than even Fords envelope pushing prices.

The final irony being my Fiesta that most people think of as US or British is German and the 'German' VW is Spanish/South American/South African or Eastern Europe!

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