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Hey all,

My first week with my new titanium has gone smoothly so far and im happy but i do have a couple of questions i would like to ask maybe someone can help:

my car only comes with immobilizer and no perimiter alarm. now in not 100% sure but when i used to lock the car with remote i used to get flashing lights and indicators on the exterior of the car. this was when locking and unlocking the car. now im only getting the flashing lights when i unlock the car. when i lock it no lights just the doors lock and the mirrors fold up. Is there a way to reset the central locking system?

when i switch on my air condition it makes a clicking noise that seems to come from the front part of the engine. if im driving and stop at traffic lights and put it in first gear then when im putting second gear in between gears (the engine is revving down between the gears) i get that same clicking noise coming from the same place front part of the engine and it sounds the same as the air condition switching on. anyone has this happen to them with air condition??

Thanks :)

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Hello Ian, are you only pressing lock on the remote keyfob once? As this will just lock the cars' doors and not deadlock them (so you can't open them using the interior handles e.g if someone smashes the window to gain access). If you press the button twice within 5 seconds the car will deadlock and the indicators will flash twice.

Also, the clicking with the AC on is completely normal, I think somebody said that it is the thermal expansion valve opening and closing when need be, the same noise has been present on my last two Fiestas.

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Thank you andrew,

Yes i am only pressing the button once so its normal for no lights to flash with just one press of the lock button. About the ac noise feel much better now knowing its normal. Apart from that im super happy with the car. it just turns heads everywhere i go :))


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