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Ford Ka MK2 knocking thud noise

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I now have the Haynes manual of someone who kindly gave me it saving me the £21 so I now have all the torque settings.

Most of the torque settings I can figure out which nut or bolt it's on about while some I don't understand which but, the 2 main wishbone bolts, the hidden one that comes from the front behind the crash bar and the one below going up are both 120nm.

Make sure when doing the wishbone bolt from below that the wishbone itself kinda of level not dropping down like when you've got the wheel off.

Either, wheel on then torque or jack up the ball joint of the wishbone with the wheel off till it's level'ish then torque it up.

It just stops any unevenness 

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Here are the torque settings for the front suspension For Ka mk2 2008-2016, but I'm not sure which are for the crash bar extension, the strut  that slots into the section were the wishbone hidden bolt sits

Anti-roll bar:        
Mounting bolts    20nm
Link rod nut    50nm

Driveshaft nut:*        
Stage 1    70nm
Stage 2    Angle-tighten a further 55°    
Stage 3    275nm

Front crossmember bolts    40nm
Lower arm balljoint-to-swivel hub    65nm
Lower arm front mounting securing bolt    120nm
Lower arm rear mounting securing bolt    120nm


Subframe bolts:        
Front    120nm
Rear/centre    165nm
Upper    70nm

Subframe extension strut bolts    50nm 
Suspension strut piston rod top nut    65nm
Suspension strut-to-swivel hub bolts    75nm
Suspension strut upper mounting (to body)    45nm

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Can anyone please tell me the torque settings for the crash bar support ?, the two (as in video) that go up from the bottom and the smaller one that comes in from the side plus the four front bolts thanks. I have the Haynes but I'm not sure which is which

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