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Flickering Headlight

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My Ford Focus estate has recently occurred a fault with the passenger side headlight. When I open the car my headlight flickers and when I am driving I can also see it flickering.

I have taken my car to an auto electrician who advised I purchase the following part jx7b-13b626-bd but I am struggling to source one and there is also a variant jx7b-13b626-bh which I believe is compatible with my car. 

Looking for a bit more advice on the matter and the best place to purchase from. 


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Yes that will be fine. It's the exact same light just a newer revision. The very last letter "d" is just like a date/batch/revision so as long as the letter is the same or higher up the alphabet then all will be good.

 jx7b-13b626-bd  has be superseded by  jx7b-13b626-bh

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Is anyone aware of if you need to program the unit when buying a replacement? 

I have found a brand new unopened BH model but not sure if it needs programmed to the car and if so, who would do it and how much would it cost?

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