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Induction Kit

southside focus

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E-bay or K&n themselves depending on what kit your exactly after just look around on the web but dont buy a second hand one usually some chav has them and there never maintained or fitted properly so all sorts of damage can be done to it and your car if a bad example is fitted. Nearly all places deliver so travelling shouldn't be necessary.

Best thing to do it make your mind up what kit your after then just search google i got my k&n pannel filter of e-bay brand new for 24.95 with free postage where as my nearest performance shop wanted nearer 40.

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If you know how to set them up then yeah deffo otherwise get a panel filter.

Try get a k&n filter theyve got a lifetime guarantee and service kits for them are about 12 quid on eBay. Never had any experiance with any other make so cant pass judgement on them lol

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