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Very First Ford Fiesta


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I found this quiet touching simply because i bought my fiesta brand new 2 and a half years ago and was leaving in Dagenham at the time.

I went to Great Yarmouth for short break about 2 weeks ago. I visited the caister castle which has the Car museum (largest private car collection).

In this museum on display is the very First Ford fiesta to roll out the Ford Factory in Dagenham. Unfortunately your not allowed to take any pictures a big sign camera are forbidden and staff being vigilante making sure no one takes pictures. I went all the way to Yarmouth and paid to get in, i had to take a picture. Although not clear i managed to take two pictures in before staff noticed.

The other intertesting facts is it was registered with the registration as JOB 1 as it was the very first ford fiesta MK 1. This very car has only done 149 miles on the clock. Taxed on January 1978 for £35. (Thats how much im paying now, lol)



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Yeah I was bit shocked because not only did I want to take pictures of fiesta but I wanted to take pictures of the first bugati made, I was talking to the staff and they said the value of it was £4.5 million. They even had the first ford production car I think it's called model T.

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hmmm, but was was the worry with photo's?

its not like because a photo was taken the theft rate will go up... if someone wants that car their going to know its there! or are they afraid of the flash damaging it? lol!

Most likely reason is money? they just want people to come and visit, rather than just look at pictures...

OT: Id love to see that Bugatti, how much is it to enter and view?

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lol - the flash will damage the paint work.

I turned off the flash for the above pictures, if i had a good angle the pictures would have come out quite good.

Yeah its to keep the flow of people going there? The entrance price is £9 which is reasonable.

visit the website - the website isnt fancy but its got all the info you need.


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You never know about the flash, when i was in the middle east i took a picture of the old shopping town and this man got really angry at me.... apparently i stole his soul or something.... could be the same with a car? lmao!!

The price is quite good actually! Just the petrol cost really!

Cheers will have a gander at the site

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