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I've just bought a Fiesta Titanium. It's got bluetooth & USB but I'm having trouble getting the car to access the phone book on my HTC Desire. I've paired the car and the phone, but I can't access the phone book. If I get an incoming call from a friend it just displays the number.

I've set up the voice recognition directory and numbers, but it only stores a few, so I can only call a few people.

Is anyone else having trouble with this and the HTC Desire?



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The phonebook works great on HTC Desire. 2.2 improved it somewhat too. You should get a message on the phone asking for access which you have to allow.

How do you have your contacts stored... on your google account or did you manually type them in and save them to the phone memory?

I played around with it loads yesterday, and it worked for literally 15 seconds, then my phone disconnected from the car, reconnected and asked to access the phonebook. I clicked 'accept' and the phonebook wasn't there anymore! Very starange, I don't really know how to go forward!

Do you connect via bluetooth or USB cable?

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All contacts are Google using bluetooth, have no USB. I would try de-bonding the phone, deleting the settings on the phone and trying it fresh. In the BT settings on the phone, hold down on the Ford Audio and click option, phone and media should both be selected. Fords !Removed! poor implementation means you have to have media selected as well, which really annoys me as I can not hear Google Navigator talk to me when connected.

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