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I ordered a new Fiesta 1.25(82PS) about 9 weeks ago and a about 5 days ago, my dealer informed of my VIN. I was able to log into the Ford ETIS website and after entering the VIN, it brought up details about my Fiesta and I noticed that the engine was being described as a 1.25L Duratec DOHC EFI(80PS).

The Ford website shows the engine as a 1.25(82PS).

There is a 1.25(60PS) and a 1.25(82PS), but no 1.25(80PS), so why is my Fiesta engine being described as a 1.25(80PS)?

Thanks, BHeart

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Interesting point, we also have an 82PS 1.25 Fiesta and it is showing up on Ford Etis as 80PS as well. Ive not noticed that before :huh:


I was just going offline and caught your reply. :)

It's seems a bit weird and I'd like to see/know what the reasons are for this. Of course if it was just my car, I'd probably think it was just an error but as it affects two Fiesta 1.25(82PS) models, I'm not so sure but I'll await further input from other forum members.

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My Fiesta showed up the same on the Etis site too

If i've got it right it is the Fiesta 1.25 engine is 82 PS (Pferdesarke - horse strenght), which is the German version of horse power(hp). When PS is converted into HP it is 80 HP. Internet is your friend :)

Hope this help's you out

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