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2010 Focus Stereo Problem

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Ive just bought a 2010 1.6TDI Ford Focus Style 5 Door and all is good apart from the stereo 6000CD,

when i press the AUX button it flashes to aux for 10 seconds and then back to the previous mode it was in Prior to me pressing AUX,

also the bluetooth connects to my phone and displays all my call logs but when i try to ring any one no sound comes from anywhere and they cant hear me neather, and when i try to dial a number using the stereo keypad for example i punch in 0872121212 it displays no problem but when i press the green button to dial, it all goes blank and back to the radio

is their a simple answer to all of this madness, am i the only one with these problems any help very much apprecieated.

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hi, this is my first post on this forum (will have to intro myself on a diff post)...but from my knowledge about bluetooth and aux on radios...but here are a few things to consider...

1. is your phone set up correctly to treat the radio as a handsfree kit ie. to send the sounds to the radio and use the mic that should be used - can normally find this in the bluetooth devices settings.

2. on my sony headunit, the volume level for in a call is different for when playing music or on radio...try turning it up and see what happens...

there are other stuff to look at, but i would do them first.

I hope this helps in some fashion.


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Don't have a problem with my CD6000 and bluetooth. I think it's more likely to be the phone rather than CD6000 end.

You don't say which phone you are using....... have you checked the Ford compatibility list for your phone to see if it is supported ?

I use a SE T610 and an iPhone 3Gs and both work perfectly.

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thanks for the responsees guys, ive gotten it sorted out i dont know how but the aux works fine now, and i was using the dialing wrong i didnt realise the car had voice control, or that i had to press the voice button, my ford sales man was a bit of a wan*er, on going dispute, cheers :D

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